Additional Storage Ideas
On this page we included a few ideas for storage areas and built ins' that we have encounter on various projects.
Project One : On this project we encountered some dead space. It just did not fit anything. So we decided to install a toy box for our clients twin boys. We topped it with 6 inches of foam and a nice space theme fabric.
Project Two :  On this project the client had a dividing wall that was a catch all, from school books to car keys were piled on top. So we install two shelves out of Cherry wood to match the new floor we installed. This gave the client plenty of room for cook books and knickknacks.
Project Three :  On this project the client had a very small laundry room. Plus it was the entrance to the garage so this room always was cluttered with shoes and laundry. So we busted out a wall and install a closet. We also tiled the floor to protect it from moisture.
Project Four : On this project the client are not allowed to have sheds in their neighborhood. So we install a shed under their deck. We installed a 4 inch cement slab, two shelves, sloping roof and a lattice door then stained it all to match the deck. Then we installed a potting area with a tile work area.
Project Six : On this project the client as well as myself need shelving in our garage. We installed the shelving with 16 gage wire and eye hooks. With this type of construction each shelf will support 250 to 300 lbs.
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Project Five : This wall was hard to design. The phone was located on it and stuck out like a sore thumb. So we decided to inlay the phone into the wall. Then we added wainscoting to finish it off.
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