Commercial Seal Coating
Michael Strasser
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The Seal Coating, Line Striping and the proper maintenance of your parking area serves three purposes:

  • First, it protects your investment. Through the years of constant punishment from the elements the asphalt loses its binding properties. Seal Coating replenishes these binders and seals the asphalt from moisture, oil and sun damage.

  • Second, it insures proper parking and traffic flow. Plus keeping to local codes eliminates any fines or litigation .

  • Third, and most important it spot lights or frames your business. It makes prospective customers look your way.
Increasing the visibility of your establishment.

Unlike other Seal Coaters we apply the coating by hand. This process takes longer and and uses more materials,yet the finish result is a longer lasting and darker finish. Also we will complete the work on your off hours or at night .
Ensuring no loss of revenues.
At The Frist Round Sports Bar in Cape Coral we custom made this template for the line striping
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