Solid Stained Decks
For the majority of cases solid stains / paints cannot be completely stripped.  If you want to completely remove the coating you will need to either power sand the deck or strip the deck an unknown amount of times

On the first set of pictures, we took this dark and dreary deck and added 16 feet with corner steps

We striped the old finished and applied Sherwin Williams Duration to the railings and Behr solid color penetrating stain to the surface.  The addition of two GFI power outlets eliminated the need for unsightly extension cords.
On this deck the original finish did not bond correctly to the wood.  This resulted from either applying the finish when the deck was wet ( High Moisture Level ) or before the treated lumber had a chance to season.  Note how the denser parts of the grain did not absorb the finish.

To remise this problem we cleaned and striped the finish.  Followed by a buff sanding and rinse.  The we allowed the deck to completely dry ( duration of 3 days ).  Then applied 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Duration to the rails and 3 coats of Behr penetrating stain to the main deck
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This deck took allot of punishment. Located on Lake Lanier as a summer home the deck was un-attended over the winter. By letting leaves remain on the deck, retaining moisture, the stain pealed.

Another problem which accelerated the pealing was that the deck was not completed sealed. This is a common mistake. Most people seal the top of the deck. Well moisture and mildew will find its way to the surface from the underneath.

So we sealed the entire deck with 3 coats to ensure the durability of the finish.

After completing this deck they had us do their son's deck at Windermere in Cummings.