Fire Damaged Interiors
This job was referred to us from a good friend in the local fire department. The owner, a police officer, forgot to turn off the stove after frying some fish. The funny part about it was his wife was away for 9 days visiting her family. To make A long story short, we had only 7 days to complete this job until her return. 

As you can see the fire pretty much took out the kitchen. The smoke damage was considerable thought out the house too. After demoing the kitchen and replacing the sheet rock we cleaned the house from top to bottom.  We applied two coats of Sherwin Williams Pro-Mart Primer and followed that up with two coats of Sherwin Williams Interior Duration.

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We managed to save the lower cabinets yet the uppers were a total loss. The best part of it he told his wife he did the renovations as a surprise because two of the upper cabinets were broken anyway.
After we were completed the home owner had a completely new kitchen plus a fresh makeover, so everyone was happy in the end!
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