Hardwood Flooring
In the past few years the wood flooring industry released many new products with new features and benefits.  As a person from the old school having installed and refinished many solid hardwood floors.  I have to admit, Engineered Hardwood Flooring has come a long way.  These floors can be installed relativity quickly with ease.  They resist warping and scratching, their finishes and styles are very durable and may be refinished with little or no sanding.

Remember like any thing else, you get what you pay for, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  When making a wood floor part of your home, weather remodeling or new construction always factor in the flooring cost before you start.  Too many times the project gets changed, the job is behind schedule, and cost over runs end up coming out of the flooring budget, being the wood floor installation is toward the end of the job.  Plan ahead, know what you want, allow the wood floor contractor the time he needs, without interruption from other trades.  This will ensure a long and lasting beauty a hardwood floor and give your home or office.
Wood flooring last a life time and adds timeless warmth and beauty to any decor.  Hardwood flooring has become the flooring choice for fine homes and businesses because of its beauty, ease of maintenance, and durability.  Like fine furniture, wood flooring increases in value over time.  In fact, 90% of real estate agents surveyed stated that a home with wood flooring will sell more quickly and for a higher amount of money that a comparable home with any other type of flooring.
Most commonly, existing hardwood flooring are finished with an oil based poly finish.  Water based finishes have come extremely far in the past few years.  They are a little thinner, but they are clearer  (Not Yellowing), last longer with no or little discoloration from U.V. rays.  Water base finishes are a little more difficult to apply, but worth it in the end, in my opinion.  Typically three coats are applied with light hand sanding between coats

In most cases I recommend a natural clear finish allowing the beauty of the grain to be pronounced.  For older floors with pet stains, water stains and high wear areas, I recommend staining or pickling.  This allows the feathering in and blending of the imperfections into the final finish
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On average, a typical Engineered Wood Floor or 250sq. ft.  to 300sq. ft. may be completed in two days.
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Pre-Finished & Engineered Hardwood Flooring
When choosing your Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring there are two types: First a solid wood with a factor finish. Second a plywood type of construction with a veneer of hardwood on top. Both have their purposes. The plywood type will resist warping due to moisture and may be re-finished with a light screening, but it is very difficult to remove stains. On the other hand the solid wood may be stripped down to bare wood and may be stained or pickled "Bleached".

Engineered Hardwood Flooring is a composite material and never can be sanded, only replaced. The steps of installation are the same for both floors including un-finished solid hardwood.

  • Leveling the subfloor , in some cases installing a 1/8 inch veneer
  • Installing the vapor barrier, thickness and type depend on which floor you are installing
  • Nailing or gluing the floor, or snapping together in the case of a floating floor
  • Installing  quarter round  around edges
Pre-Finished Cherry
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Engineered Oak Hardwood
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