Michael's & Brandy's Bathrooms
Michael Strasser
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Master Bathroom

This Bathroom was somewhat of a challenge  . First of all, the previous owners installed slate tiles in the shower and on the walls of the bathroom 36 inches high. On top it off ,they made the seat in the shower out of cinder blocks.

After demoing the shower we found that the entire framing was rotted. This was caused by the previous construction. Having porous slate cemented to porous cinder blocks and no vapor  barrier the combination acted as a wick and sucked all moisture into the framing.

So with the help from our local general contractor we started to work.

Being that we had to re-frame the shower anyway we decided to install a window to add additional light in the shower and to improve the aesthetics of the whirlpool tub. We sill'ed the glass block window with the same Granite we used as the seat and vanity top .

After installing new sheet rock we textured the walls with a knock down design, follow the showers' tiles around the tub and painted the walls with two coats of Duration Paint with A satin finish for better protection against moisture.

We installed a new Granite vanity top ,sealed the slate floor , installed quarter round and framed the mirror with a crisp molding.

To finish the job off we install Brush Nickel faucets and shower head.

Guest Room Bath
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Jack & Jill Bathroom
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This bathroom had wallpaper. Again the fastest way to remove it was to buff sand the paper the apply the wall paper remove solution. Whenever we remove wall paper I do suggest we texture the walls too. Chiefly because the paper on  the drywall took so much abuse by removing the paper, the texture hides all of the imperfections.
In this Bathroom, it also had wallpaper. The problem was the previous owners painted right over it. This is the worst thing anyone can do to a wall. They think it is easier, but I have found in my life the easy way is the hard way because you have to do it twice. Bottom line, we had to replace half the sheet rock. So their saving time by painting over the paper cost 10 times the time doing it right.
The faucet in the tub was leaking and was brass plated. We tried to find a new one but it was custom made for that tub so a replacement was $425.00. So we replaced the inner's of the values and painted it with, Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint & Primer In One. Total Cost $75.00
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