Exterior Painting
What does paint do? It  protects the structure. You would not let your child out of the house on a rainy day without a raincoat. So why wouldn't you protect your largest investment with the best paint?

When we do exterior painting the only paint we use is Duration from Sherwin Williams. First this is not a paint, it is a coating. This Coating has a life time warrantee against pealing and fading. To go one step further we include a additive to repels mold and mildew.

This coating also has the primer and paint all in one. This lessens the labor cost.

Although like any paint job the prep work is indispensable. Caulking is the key to the prep work. That is to say, EVERY seam , crack and nail hole must be filled. The surface must be clean and dry.

So if you follow these simple steps, you will have a paint job that will last.

Click on Photo's to see our finished work
Michael Strasser
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Click on Photo's to see our finished work