Interior Painting
When it comes to interior painting the true craftsmanship of the painter is exhibited. Most people say they know how to paint. From the condition of most walls that I have painted , I can tell you this is not true. Just about anyone can put paint on a roller and it will come out looking good. Yet once you start looking at the walls at different angles and in different lighting the imperfections show their ugly head.

The key to any paint job is PERP WORK and then SOME MORE PREP WORK.

You have to remember, Paint only enhances. So if the walls have problems then the problems will be enhanced.

The choice of color is the next step to a quality paint job. I do not care how good you are but you just cannot tell a color by a 2 inch square swatch. This is why, in choosing a color I always paint a 2 foot square piece of drywall. This way the customer way view the color in all lighting , next to furniture and most importantly adjacent to other colors. There must be a transition.

The most overlooked part of the paint job is the ceilings. Bottom Line a white ceiling only belongs in a hotel. I frequently   recommend a poplar color called Dover White. This color absorbs the other colors in the room and reflects differently in all lighting. As you will see in my home, I  painted my ceiling a blue/gray color. This gave my ceiling dimensions and a stamped metal feel. Also I custom made my color. As you can see in the pictures the color changes with different angles of view and lighting.

I would love to sit down with you and develop your rainbow to enhance your decor and room configuration . But just remember if you want a white ceiling call someone else.

Below are a few jobs we are very proud of

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