Wood and Door Re-Finishing
Michael Strasser
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The front door to your home should be a signature piece.

It's where you greet your guests.

When doing any exterior wood projects I only use a Marine Grade Varnish.

Unlike Polyurethane, this product is designed for the harsh conditions at sea. When applying this product on a boat the expected life span of the finish is 4 years

Imagine how long it will last on your door or furniture.

Seven Oaks Tennis Club at John's Creek commissioned us to repair and Varnish 37 of their Teak Benches.

These benches are 8 years old and have seen much abuse.

We completely sanded each bench to bare wood. Then secured each joint with 3 inch Brass screws.

We then finished the benches with 4 coats of the Marine Grade Varnish.